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Using eClicker Presenter in a restricted internet environment - set up an ad hoc network

Last Updated: May 30, 2013 04:46PM EDT

Sometimes, network restrictions mean you'll encounter some difficulties keeping host and client devices connected to each other. 

Two simple ways to test that eClicker is functioning properly by creating ad hoc networks:

Plug in a Wireless Router

  1. Plug in a wireless router in your classroom/lecture hall.  You don't need to have an internet connection.  eClicker Presenter can use the wi-fi signal from the router to communicate.
  2. Connect all devices (host and client) to the wi-fi network you just set up.
  3. Test out eClicker's functionality.  If everything runs smoothly, you know you need to check with your network administrator about the restrictions on your network.
  4. Alternatively, if it's a reasonable solution, you could simply choose to continue using the wi-fi network you set up whenever you want to use eClicker.  Note that if you choose this solution, none of the devices will have internet access while connected to the wireless router.

Use your Mac

If you're using eClicker Presenter and you have a mac, you can set up an ad hoc network to allow eClicker Presenter to communicate with eClicker Audience.  Setting up this ad hoc network won't allow users to connect to the internet, so you can easily set up Presenter and Audience devices, while staying in line with your organization's internet use restrictions.


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